We are the Fuller family; I am Bobbi and my husband is Corey. We have two amazing daughters and began our small business adventure in early 2017.

I recently learned that you cannot figure out who you are until you know you who are not. So let’s start there.

We are not part of a chain. We are not ran by corporate suits or supported by big money. We are not always focused 110% because we are building a business in the midst of an everyday family hustle. We are not always full of creative juice and innovation, well, because we are building a business in the midst of an everyday family hustle. Meaning…. We have young kids and we’re honestly a little exhausted!

What we didn’t know about starting a small business while having young children was that we would not only constantly wonder if we’re messing up our kids, but also if we are raising the business poorly too. Somehow, we’re finding a beautiful balance and have to give an honest amount of credit to our clients, followers, family, and friends.

Our brick-and-mortar boutique is tucked into the heart of Downtown Owosso, Michigan. We carry infant to pre-teen clothing and accessories and specialize in locally, Michigan and U.S. made products.

When threading together our dream to connect to our community and raising our daughters to be strong and independent, we knew this would be our home away from home. You will see our children at the shop with us, you will see them throw tantrums (hopefully not often) or wave you goodbye (hopefully every time). Our family wants to welcome you to join us on our adventure, to love and support local community and to teach our youth good ethics and to always move forward with grace and kindness. Together we will BLOSSOM.